Danish Energy, Utilities and Climate Policy

Denmark strives to be a green and sustainable society with a visionary climate and energy policy. This drive is made clear in the governmental platform established in 2011. You can read the government's strategy by clicking on the "Our Energy" link in the box to the right.

The Climate, Energy and Building ministry works to achieve this objective. This is done primarily by ensuring a stable and secure energy supply and promoting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Like the rest of the world, Denmark is faced with two major global challenges: to address global warming and to establish energy security. The answer to these challenges lies in the way we produce and consume energy as well as in our ability as a society adapt to climate change.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency

The Government's vision is for Denmark to be 100 percent independent of fossil fuels in the year 2050. An independent climate commission is currently investigating how this vision can be realized in the long term.

The Energy Agreement of March 2012 is a step in the right direction to meeting the government's target. The agreement includes such objectives as producing 35% of energy from renewable sources, a 12% reduction in energy consumption compared to 2006 and almost 50% of the Danish electricity consumption to be produced by wind power.


You can read more about the energy agreement here.

The task of the Climate, Energy and Building Ministry is to meet these (and many more) milestones and to steer the whole of society in a more climate- and energy-friendly direction. This is achieved through the Danish strategy for adaptation to climate change in Denmark and through the implementation of the Energy Agreement.

Broad involvement

In addition, work is underway to establish ambitious climate policies in all sectors. The fact that the Climate, Energy and Building Ministry is continuously represented at various inter-ministerial government and working committees helps to provide a comprehensive approach to policy formulation.

The Climate, Energy and Building Ministry also works to establish concrete initiatives aimed at involving the business community, local authorities and citizens in the processes. This consultation with stakeholders aims to make Denmark a leading country in the fields of climate and energy.

In addition to its domestic objectives, the Climate, Energy and Building Ministry is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. This is achieved together with the EU and within the international climate change negotiations at the UN. You can read more about Climate, Energy and Building Ministry's international activities under the heading EU in the International Cooperation section.

Latest update: 23. May 2017