Construction in Denmark

Construction is of great importance to the economy and Danish daily life.
We spend 90 per cent of our time in buildings, with 40 per cent of our total energy used for their operation. Therefore, buildings play a central role in realising the government's climate change objectives.
With the reshuffle after the general election in September 2011, the then Minister for the Climate and Energy Ministry was assigned a whole new area: the building department. This new branch of the ministry undertook the administration of most of the government buildings together with the regulation of the entire construction sector.
The building department plays a significant role in climate and energy policy owing to the fact that as much as 40 percent of overall Danish energy consumption is used for the heating, ventilation and lighting of buildings. State buildings can in this way be a good way of setting an example and leading the way when it comes to demonstrating that there are economic advantages in low energy refurbishment of buildings. There is therefore a close relationship between climate, energy and construction considerations in the ministry’s work.
Latest update: 23. May 2017