Energy Supply and Efficiency

Denmark’s energy comes from oil, gas, coal and renewable sources; furthermore, efficient energy usage contributes to ensuring a stable energy supply.

The Ministry of Climate and Energy is responsible for administering energy supply and usage legislation. Energy supply is regulated in the laws governing electricity, gas and heating supply, as well as the Renewable Energy Act. Energy supply entails energy production, as well as transportation and delivery of energy to the consumer.

In addition to maintaining a stable energy supply, the laws serve to ensure that the energy is supplied in an economical, environmentally-friendly, and safe manner.

The Ministry of Climate and Energy is also responsible for legislation and initiatives that ensure efficient energy usage and energy savings. The legislation contains energy labelling requirements for machines and buildings. Information initiatives are administered by the Danish Energy Saving Trust.

To a large extent, continued administration of energy supply has been delegated to the Danish Energy Agency and

Latest update: 22. February 2012