Green Growth and Business

With Energy Strategy 2050, Denmark has established a goal of becoming independent of coal, oil, and gas by 2050.

The strategy will serve to increase Denmark’s growth and prosperity, which also entails maintaining and developing Danish companies’ positions of strength within green energy, climate technology and environmental technology.

In the coming years, many countries apart from Denmark will also adjust their economies, making them less dependent on fossil fuels, which will mean that the global market for renewable energy and climate technologies and energy efficiency will experience significant growth. If Danish companies are to exploit this green growth potential in order to expand the country’s positions of strength and skills, it it is important to ensure an optimal framework conditions for these companies. This is particularly important at a time when global competition is increasing significantly.

One thing which is important is that the readjustment of the energy system – in tandem with a targeted effort within research, development, demonstrations, and market maturation – furthers companies’ potential to develop new green solutions.

Latest update: 15. February 2012