Forums in support of the UN negotiations

Denmark via the EU participates in the international climate negotiations in the UN. Denmark also participates in a range of international forums and meetings that are supporting the UN climate negotiations

Denmark participates in a wide range of informal meetings, at both ministerial and negotiators level, that aim to support the UN climate negotiations. Some of these are organised by the incumbent COP-presidency, e.g. the annual "Pre-COP", which typically takes place a few months before the annual COP (Conference of the Parties to the Climate Convention) meeting, and where a selected group of countries are invited. Denmark has participated in all the recent Pre-COP meetings.

Other actors have also established forums for discussions on climate. Denmark is participating in the following forums amongst others:

Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (MEF) was established by the US in 2009 in order to facilitate an informal dialogue on the climate negotiations between major economies across both developed and developing countries. The aim is to create political leadership and discuss key issues in relation to the international climate negotiations. The core participants are the 17 largest economies in the world. In addition to these other countries are invited ad hoc. Denmark has participated with observer status since 2009.

The Cartagena Dialogue is an informal forum for discussions between progressive developed and developing countries that coordinate with a view to reaching ambitious outcomes in the UNFCCC negotiations.

Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) is a voluntary international initiative established by a group of countries and operated by a secretariat under UNEP. The aim is to reduce the emissions of short lived climate pollutants rapidly and effectively. Short lived climate pollutants do not remain in the atmosphere as long as CO2, but they are important to reduce since many of them have a stronger climate effect than CO2.

Latest update: 7. November 2013