The Danish example

Over the past 3 decades, Denmark’s economy has grown by around 78% - with nearly stable energy consumption.

The Danish Experience shows that persistent and active energy policies on enhanced energy efficiency can at the same time allow for sustained economic growth and the reduction of dependency on fossil fuels and safeguarding the environment.

In a nutshell: energy savings, optimized manufacturing and investments in green technology are good value for money. 

At the same time, the composition of the energy consumption has changed significantly as a result of a political effort to promote the use of renewable energy. Today renewable energy comprises over 16,5% of overall energy consumption.

This has increased energy supply security and contributed significantly to Denmark being well on track to reach her climate goals. From 1990 to 2007 economic activity in Denmark increased by more than 40%, while CO2 emissions decreased by nearly 14% (corrected for fluctuations in weather and electricity exchange with other countries). 

This paper outlines how Denmark has managed to sustain economic growth while keeping energy consumption almost at the same level and reducing CO2 emissions.

Latest update: 30. April 2015