Danish Minister and the French Ambassador to brief 50 ambassadors on COP21 in the House of Industry

Tuesday, 1 December, 2015
The Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt, and the Ambassador of France to Denmark, Francois Zimeray, will today be joined by the CEO of the VELUX Group Jørgen Tang-Jensen and the Deputy Director General of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Tine Roed, when they brief the ambassadors in Copenhagen about expectations for COP21 and beyond.

Nearly 50 foreign ambassadors to Denmark will participate in a briefing on the expectations for the COP21 in Paris and how a global agreement on climate can be implemented.

Minister Lars Chr. Lilleholt will take the opportunity to highlight which solutions Denmark can offer - with regards to knowledge, experience and technology - when the world’s nations need to deliver on their respective clean energy goals:

"Along with the Ambassador of France to Denmark and the Danish Confederation of Industry, I have gathered the ambassadors in Copenhagen to focus on action. After COP21, the big task will be to put action behind the words of a global agreement and implement concrete solutions. With our many years of experience in this area, we have a wealth of cost-effective solutions to offer from a wide range of Danish companies. Denmark is dedicated to playing an active part in solving the climate challenge by delivering concrete low-carbon solutions to interested countries. We believe that sharing and learning is important to deliver on the agreement from Paris and that it will benefit us all,” says the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt

The Ambassador of France to Denmark will highlight his expectations for COP21 and in particular the 'Action Agenda' which the French and Peruvian COP Presidencies, along with a multitude of stakeholders, have been driving forward during the run-up to COP21. It attempts to increase the global climate ambition by facilitating cooperation between cities, companies, investors and governments.

“While the COP21 negotiations are currently ongoing, this briefing to ambassadors is a great opportunity to highlight the French and Danish commitments to success in Paris. Among other things, COP21 is the right time for governments to take concrete steps while at the same time engaging in cooperative actions together with companies, cities, regions and investors. The Lima-Paris Action Agenda aims to highlight such concrete initiatives. Denmark has very ambitious climate goals and has been a laboratory for green projects for many years. Many Danish companies such as VELUX and Danfoss are very active in this field and in the Lima-Paris Action Agenda,” says the Ambassador of France to Denmark, François Zimeray.

The Confederation of Danish Industry also has high expectations for COP21:

"Climate action and the green transition are well underway and will continue to grow, driven by innovative businesses, citizens and governments worldwide. Energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions are becoming ever better and more competitive. An agreement at COP21 will promote the green transition all over the world. Therefore, we hope that world leaders will take responsibility and settle on an ambitious global agreement in Paris. The comprehensive attendance by ambassadors today indicates not only a strong global engagement in solving the climate challenge worldwide, but that COP21 in Paris will be an important step for the green transition in the future," says Tine Roed, Deputy Director General at the Confederation of Danish Industry.

One of the successful Danish companies which follows the climate negotiations closely is VELUX. The group’s CEO will brief the ambassadors on the company’s expectations and give a private sector perspective on COP21.

"Politicians should show leadership by adopting an ambitious, globally-binding climate agreement. In the commercial industry, we are ready and waiting for the politicians to follow suit: the solutions are already on the market today. The VELUX Group has managed to reduce its carbon emissions by 29% and we are aiming for a 50% reduction in 2020. Through innovation and product development, we have developed energy-efficient products and solutions that can contribute positively to mitigating countries' emissions. A more comprehensive focus on energy savings is not only good for the environment, but it also boosts growth and employment," says CEO of the VELUX Group, Jørgen Tang-Jensen.

To demonstrate that the global transition is not unrealistic, the briefing will end with the impressive story of the Danish renewable energy island ‘Samsø’, which is highlighted in a recent Arte documentary, produced in connection with COP21.

“In only 10 years, Samsø has become 100% self-sufficient with renewable energy. Wind turbines produce the island's electricity and district heating plants with biomass provide heat to the houses of the population. Everything has been achieved with mature, clean-energy technologies which were mainly developed in Denmark. Because of this, I believe that it is not so unrealistic for the rest of the world to engage in a similar green transition. The vital factor in Samsø’s transition has been the commitment and engagement from its less than 4000 inhabitants. I believe that the experience from Samsø shows that we should involve citizens even more in the global transition in order to create the sense of ownership necessary to realise real change.” says the Director of Samsø Energy Academy, Søren Hermansen.

Latest update: 1. December 2015