The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate is responsible for national and international efforts to prevent climate change, as well as energy issues, national geological surveys in Denmark and Greenland, meteorology and buildings.

The Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy was established on 23rd November 2007. The ministry was created as a part of the Danish government's increased efforts to promote a greener and more sustainable society. These efforts include a governmental goal that Denmark one day becomes independent of fossil fuels.

On its way to achieving this goal, the government has identified a number of milestones that it aims to achieve by 2025. These include: doubling renewable energy's share of overall energy consumption, increasing efficiency and a doubling of public funding of renewable energy technology.

The Ministry of Climate and Energy was created as a way to facilitate the achievement of these goals, while at the same time ensuring that Denmark contributes to global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

Latest update: 9. January 2014