Internal energy efficiency

The Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate leads the way in energy savings

As part of its goal of reducing human-induced effects on the climate, the Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate is choosing to take the lead in efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. One of the ways it will do this is by committing itself to cutting the ministry's electricity use by 15% by the end of 2011.

Energy savings on the state level

The Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate's efforts to cut its CO2 emissions by reducing energy usage are part of the requirements set out in the Danish Energy Agency's 2005 energy efficiency guidelines for national government organisations, as well as national energy savings goals.

Those goals state that ministries must reduce their energy consumption by 5% in 2009 and 10% annually after that. In money terms, this means the Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate needs to cut its expenses by 300,000 kroner in 2009 and by 700,000 kroner annually starting in 2010.

The efficiency guidelines set out by the Energy Agency require all national government organisations to be as energy efficient as possible. For the Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate, this means reducing power and water use by:

  • purchasing energy efficient products
  • ensuring that all buildings owned and rented by the ministry are operated and maintained in an energy efficient manner
  • ensuring ministerial agencies practice energy efficiency

Energy point of contact

In order to ensure that ministerial agencies are living up to the guidelines, the Energy Agency has named Energy Co-ordinators. An Energy Co-ordinator is an Energy Agency employee who is in regular contact with Energy Representatives.

Every government organisation has appointed its own Energy Representative, who is responsible for:

  • ensuring that energy efficient products are purchased
  • keeping track of agency energy use
  • advice on energy efficient operations
  • finding ways to reduce energy use

The Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate's Energy Co-ordinator is Jette Ellegaard Vejen, of the Energy Agency. 

Latest update: 28. July 2015